Biosynthetic natural rubber

Rubber is an irrepleacable raw material

But it is not sustainable

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Rubber is everywhere: transportation, footwear, healthcare, consumer goods...

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Huge volumes

We need 3.5 kg of rubber per human per year to sustain our industry

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No alternative

Natural rubber is a unique material, with no real alternative (even oil-based)

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carbon impact

More than 500m tons eqCO2 could be removed every year

We engineer microorganisms to produce rubber from carbon

Carbon-negative natural rubber synthesized with engineered microorganisms, providing a resilient, flexible and carbon-free raw material

A modern lab producing compounds


Our strain uses a variety of carbon source, allowing for next-generation feedstock

AI-powered discovery engine

AI-designed enzymes and automated labs shorten timescales

Synthetic organelles

Transformative synthetic organelles technology unlocks higher performance and new compounds



We use a mixotrophic approach, fixing CO2 and other renewable carbon sources inside the bacteria



The carbon is transformed into isoprene by AI-designed enzymes and optimized pathways



Our proprietary organelles technology enables polymerization of isoprene



We extract and purify high-quality, carbon-negative rubber

We harness the code of life

OUR PLATFORM ALLOWS US to fully decarbonize the rubber industry

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Superior quality

Long chain, ultra-low impurity content, hypoallergenic rubber

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Competitive price

Fixed price, no fluctuation, no uncertainty

a net catching co2
Carbon negative

Up to -151% of carbon emissions

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